Teaching Philosophy

The idea of teaching does not revolve solely around the educator, but rather around the students whom it affects. I am a believer in providing the best possible experiences to my students so that they can integrate their learning into a deeper understanding of themselves and the world in which they live. By providing varied and student-centered learning opportunities, I hope to encourage self-reflection and curiosity while establishing a love of learning.

As a teacher, I believe that my role is to be aware of who my students are and what experiences they bring to the classroom. By ensuring a mutually respectful relationship with my students, the goals of successful education and deeper learning are encouraged and exemplified. Each student is equally important, though completely unique, resulting in a diverse and intriguing environment for adaptive learning.

I believe that being passionate about not only learning, but about the learning of students, will result in outstanding accomplishments in education and in life. I hope to give my students the chance to thrive in society by encouraging the development of the ‘self’ through the integration of curiosity into the curriculum. My philosophy is guided by the varied uses of the curriculum and the ability to adapt and integrate topics of interest and relevance to allow students to achieve personal success.

I believe in collaboration to ensure that students are given the opportunities to learn from individuals with varied scholarship. By collaborating with faculty and using my professional learning network, I will guide the development of learning for each student centered around their individual needs.

My goal as a teacher, is to ignite a passion for learning by providing the most in depth learning possible for each individual student.


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