Padlet Power

As part of this week’s tech task we were asked to explore some of the resources that were give to us by Adam Bellow and Steve Dembo during our ECMP355 class. Right off the bat, we were introduced to an amazing site called Padlet. This site is essential a bulletin board. You make different “bulletin boards” where you can store all sorts of different information. It’s possible to link websites, videos, pictures, or documents and each “bulletin board” can be customized by using different backgrounds and choosing the method to sort your posts. Padlet has so many different uses for the classroom. I chose to make a board that has all sorts of different brain breaks available to me at a moments notice because we all know that when students need a brain break, they need it now! I figured that if they were all ready and waiting for me to grab, I’d be more likely to use them. I love how it’s easy to add, delete, and rearrange the board as well. Here is a screenshot of my first board:


This will be a work in progress that I can add to anytime I find a good resource. I can see the value in having a central location for all your information when developing lesson plans and units as well.

During our class it was also mentioned that this resource could be used as a sorting activity for kids as it’s easy to drag and drop photos to different areas of the screen and “in a sense” sort them out.

A great big thanks goes out to Steve and Adam. This is a great resource that I will certainly be putting to use.

Does anyone else have any ideas how this resource could be used in the classroom?


Untangling the web

On Monday we had a great class in ECMP355. It was all about untangling the web with Adam Bellow and Steve Dembo. They showed us many things about the wonderfully wide world of “The Web”. For our tech task this week we were asked to explore some of the things they showed us, (I haven’t gotten to that yet, but I’m working on it) and to complete an assignment from the Untangling the web community page. I’ve chosen to complete the motivational poster using the website http://bighugelabs.com/motivator.php. This was a very easy site to use where I could upload my own photo and insert my own quotes or sayings. I had the option to change border colors and design to suit my needs. I did find it a little difficult to navigate in the sense that every time I made a change I had to create the project to see what it would look like and then revert to the edit screen to make my changes rather than being able to see my work in progress as I made the changes. This added a few more minutes and steps to my project but the end result turned out just fine.



As a part of this task in Untanglingthewebcommunity, we could post our project to the site. Unfortunately, I couldn’t register for an account in order to post my final project to this site. I’m not sure what the problem was, but it did ask for my “state” and I don’t live in one of those. I tried to put in my province, but it didn’t want to tell me what was wrong with my registration. Oh well, I guess. I still got to make the neat poster.

Has anyone else tried to make inspirational posters using the bighugelabs site? And if you did, what did you think of it? I’d love to hear from you.