About Me

Ashley Grandfield

Hello everybody,

A brief introduction of myself and my journey towards “tech-savviness”…  I am taking my Bachelor of Elementary Education through the Cumberland Regional College in Nipawin, Saskatchewan who has recently offered the entire degree program; therefore, I don’t have to leave my family, friends, or business to continue on this educational journey.  It is working out perfectly and am excited to add a little bit of technical awareness to my bucket list of knowledge.

A little bit about myself…

I enjoy skating, scrapbooking, working out, gardening, and most importantly, hanging out with my two beautiful children and fiancé. We tend to spend a lot of time outdoors during spring, summer, and fall. Unfortunately, we’re not much for the bitter cold weather we’ve been getting this winter. Hopefully it will warm up and we can get outside to enjoy the outdoor rink and sliding hill.

My educational journey…

I started my journey towards my Bachelor of Education 10 years ago when I got the opportunity to work for the Nipawin School Division (now apart of the North East School Division) as Monitrice with the French Immersion students. This experience led me to source out and complete quite a few distance classes that I took over the next 4 years on a part-time basis. Unfortunately, I ran out of distance education classes that would count towards my degree and I wasn’t about to move to the city with two young children and tear the family apart to continue my education at that time. My patience paid off, and this year the Cumberland Regional College in Nipawin offered the full four year course all in my home town, bringing in professors and offering a few classes online. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. I applied and was accepted as a returning student and am now on my way to completing what I started.

All about the “tech-savviness” I hope to acquire…

I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and have therefore been exposed to technology for the majority of my life. However, it has almost blown me out of the water.  I seem to be able to figure things out and I am more than willing to learn the ropes, but it may take me a little more practice, time, and patience. I’m up for the challenge to bring technology into the classroom and look forward to using this amazing tool. “Bring it on!”


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