Maker movement?

I thought I’d write a post about the maker movement. We recently had one of our ECMP355 classes focus on this topic. It might not be what you think… I know I certainly thought that the maker movement was geared towards the technology that is currently over running our lives, but I was wrong (to some extent). It’s all about making things. Whether it’s a cardboard sleigh, a computer program, or how to build a robot. With society changing and therefore schools changing, as teachers we are faced with helping our students be prepared for an unknown future. Our students have to be ready to adapt and have to have the knowledge and skills to survive in an ever changing world. The maker movement helps students achieve this by giving them the opportunity to build something that is interesting and challenging to them. It proves as an outlet for students to problem solve and collaborate with one another. They have the opportunity to develop new relationships with people who have the same interests. The thing with the maker movement is that we’re all a part of it without even realizing it.

My daughter is actively involved in the maker movement, and I didn’t even realize it. I always knew that she was crafty and liked to sing and dance. I never really thought much about this until after this class. She’s always looking up how to do something on you tube and is currently fascinated with hair and nails. Like I said, I never really thought much about this… she is a young girl after all. But these are skills that interest her that she will have for the rest of her life. Even though the things that she’s interested in aren’t technology based, she does use technology to do research and study up on these topics. Here is a photo of a pen that she made into a flower using duct tape:


I thought this was so cool. What a neat way for her to express herself. It probably cost me more in duct tape than it would have been to buy this up town, but it’s the fact that she thought of the idea, researched it, and made it herself that intrigues me. I’m very proud of her.

So this week I decided I was going to become part of the maker movement and make something that didn’t involve technology. Well, that’s a little bit of a lie because I got the idea from Pinterest and researched how to do it. This is the original post. But I really did make the rest of it myself. It’s a work in progress, but I am thoroughly pleased with how this turned out.


(Don’t mind my missing paint. That is thanks to the Hot Wheels Wall Track that wasn’t supposed to rip off paint. Oh well.)

How do you feel about the maker movement? Does it make you want to try something new? As a teacher, how can you incorporate this into your classroom?

And to top it all off… I challenge you all to make something without using technology. (Or as little as possible).





  1. NIce to see your perspective on the MakerMovement and glad to hear about your daughter’s involvement. I’ve got some resources over on the School Library and Media Guy if you ever need them. Keep on writing.

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