Draw it!

Happy kids

Happy kids

Well everyone! This is my first project from the DS 106 site. I have to say that I was quite unsure of how I was going to do this with so little knowledge in this field, but the internet is amazing and there are so many different ways to figure out your problems. (I had quite a few of them). This project was called Draw It! under the visual assignments section of the web page. I downloaded the Gimp program which is a photo editing type program, and followed along with the help section. Of course there was plenty of trial and error, but I think it turned out pretty good. If I were to do this again, I’d probably pick a picture with less going on and maybe just one item to focus on.

I’m really amazed all the different types of projects that are on the DS 106 site. There are so many that I never even thought were do-able by someone without professional training.

The ease of the program Gimp is amazing. There are a lot of different tools to use to make the picture the way you want it, and it will take some practice. But as with anything new, practice makes better right? I think that this type of a project would be really neat for upper year students to learn. It’s a guided learning practice. Students, like myself, need to figure it out, but not by themselves. There are many resources to help them, they just need to look.

On a side note, this photo is taken of my two children on their first day of school this year. We always go outside and get a picture in one of the trees. (Actually, it’s more like a billion pictures, it must be a mom thing)



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