What? Fidgets? … This was my initial reaction to a post by one of my class mates in ECMP355, Chelsea Lyons. I had honestly never heard the term fidgets, and I don’t know why. I’d have to say that I have heard of the exercise ball rather than a chair, or the use of cushions to sit on, but I haven’t seen fidgets implemented into a classroom.  I can see how they would be distracting to other students or could be used as a means of keeping occupied rather than paying attention, but I can also see the benefits of these fidgets. For the student that needs something to manipulate, they would be life changing.

Here is a link to Chelsea’s blog. Feel free to check it out.

How would you implement fidgets into your classroom and what kind of rules would have to go along with them?



  1. I think that fidgets can definitely help some of the students to concentrate better and class by keeping their hands or feet occupied. When I was in my internship, one of the other teachers in the school would use coffee stir sticks as fidgets and she would give them to all of the students at the beginning of the year, after a couple weeks most of the students quit using the stir sticks as they did not need them, but some of the students kept using them as they helped them to stay focused and because all of the students had a chance with them it did not make the students currently using them stand out.

  2. I think fidgets are great, but I think many have to be introduced the same as the “stir sticks” where most other kids stop using what they don’t need. My daughter was horrible at biting her nails, so I made her a fidget. It lasted one day as another classmate stole it and wrecked it. It is very appealing to other kids and I assume some fidgets would benefit many students, not just one or two. If I was to implement fidgets into my classroom, I would try to make them available to any student, if they benefited from one??

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