The Olympic Spirit

My children and I had the most wonderful day today out at the Wapiti Valley Ski Resort. Not only was the weather great but the Saskatchewan Winter Games were going on so we got to see a few races and the medal presentations in the afternoon. There was a great turn out for the events and the presentations and to see the expressions on the faces of these young athletes was wonderful. You could tell that they truly enjoy the sport and are great advocates of it. The younger children in attendance were inspired by these young people. They all cheered and applauded after each winner was announced and were all quite happy when it was all said and done. Some of the athletes even had the opportunity to carry the Olympic Torch from the 2014 Olympics. How cool is that?
I’d have to say that I’m quite proud of my younger cousin who competed in these events over the past 3 days and I am thrilled that she got to experience the excitement of it all. New frienships, the sport you love, and a chance to achieve your personal best. What better way to spend your February break?
I’d like to send out a great big CONGRATULATIONS to the athletes! Keep shooting for the stars.
Winter games



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