Where am I?

I recently attended a class regarding digital footprints and the importance of ensuring that these footprints accurately portray who you are and what you believe in. During this technological age, privacy has become a big issue. Without proper instruction on how technology can shape your life, young people are susceptible to post messages, photos, and pictures on social media sites that can negatively effect the rest of their lives. I took it upon myself to do a google search on myself to see what came up. Here are some of the results:


This is the first thing that came up for my name. (Hint: this is not me….)

I then added decided to add my home town to the search and this is what I found:


At least this search found me.

By taking the “bull by the horns”, and creating a page on about.me, I have started to expand my positive digital footprint that will work for me in the future. Feel free to check it out at http://about.me/ashleygrandfield/#.

I’d love to hear your opinions on digital footprints and whether people should be embracing or avoiding the digital realm.



  1. I think that digital footprints should be things we embrace! It is a great way to keep admin, parents and other colleagues in the know with what you are doing and posting online. I think that once parents and admin are on board helping create digital footprints with our students will broaden opportunities for students to showcase their work and learning to others!

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