Connectivity…(part 2)

This post is a continuation of my last post were I listed 5 new connections that I have made through Twitter or blogs. All week I have been searching out the wonderful web and have found 5 more blogs that I have chosen to follow.

1. Room 308 is great!

This blog belongs to the class that I’ve been paired up with in Surrey, B.C. By adding this site to my Feedly account and on my Dashboard of my blog, I will be easily able to keep up with what is going on in their classroom.

2. Science Fix

This site is a must for anybody who is interested in teaching science to middle school children.  There are great video examples of experiments that look like fun.  What better way to teach than through visual and hands on experience.

3. Addie Education – Teacher Talk

This blog site really intrigued me because of all the free stuff. That’s right. I said “FREE”. It is geared towards elementary education.

4. Corkboard Connections

This blog has all sorts of interesting activities and ideas for lessons, but what really got my attention were the activities and lessons ideas for the Olympics as the class I have been partnered with is following the athletes and the event quite closely.

5. Composition Classroom

This blog has some really interesting posts regarding education but the posts that stuck out to me the most were based on what makes a person smarter than someone else (Find the Numbers Object Lesson), and her post on cellphone usage in the classroom. Definitely gave me some things mull over.

Thanks for checking out this post and I hope these blogs are of interest to you as well.



  1. I really enjoy the Corkboard Connections that you talk about. Lesson plans are always awesome. I feel that it is also good that this site is focusing on something that is real for the students, in this case the Olympics. Students are more likely to engage when they are interested in something. Very cool!

  2. Great Resources! I really enjoyed the Corkboard Connections and Addie Education. I had never heard of either of them! Who doesn’t love free resources?! Awesome! My mentor’s class is also following the Olympics quite close- The students seem to love it- relating curriculum to popular events really inspires students’ learning!

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