Connectivity… (part 1)

Well what a goal this turned out to be… That’s right, I said goal because I still haven’t added 10 new followings which was our tech task for this last weeks ECMP 355 class.  I find that I am getting distracted with all the great blogs and feel the need to read everything that seems relevant to me. Of course this might be because I really have no idea what grade level I’m most interested in teaching yet, and therefore want to check out all the neat things that everybody is doing with every level possible… and that’s a lot of stuff. Oh well. At least it’s fun.

So here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

1. Word of the Day on Twitter @wordoftheday

I thought that this Tweeter might give me a broader vocabulary. Of course that will only work if I can actually remember the word and what it means when I come into contact with it again. But hey, who knows, it could be possible. Thanks to Laura for the great lead on this one.

2. Ashleigh’s Education Journey

This blog really got my attention with the great layout and easy manoeuvring that it offered. She has amazing information that she uses in her classroom as well as some resources and lesson plans.

3, Clouducation

This blog is all about how technology is changing education and how to integrate it into your classroom.  He gives detailed explanations on how to use various techy type stuff in your lessons.

4. FaveCrafts

The main reason I added this blog was because I’m a craft nerd. I love making crafts and could spend hours browsing what others have made. I’m hoping this will be an inspirational blog and keep me motivated to show my creative side.

5. Shelly S Terrell on Twitter @ShellTerrell

Shelly gave a presentation to our ECMP355 class this last week that was focused around building our PLN. Hence, the weekly tech task of finding and following people for our own Learning Networks. She gave a great presentation and made me realize how important it is to get and stay connected.

That’s it for now. Hopefully I can come up with some more to follow without being distracted too often. I’ll keep you all posted.



  1. Took me awhile to figure out how to comment on here… Glad I got it figured out! Thanks for following @wordoftheday. I definitely see this as something I could use in my classroom (as a middle years teacher) as some sort of bellwork or just a fun little information piece to use throughout the day. Also great for me to expand my vocabulary (as you have stated).
    Also, the blog “Ashleigh’s Education Journey” amazed me! I only read a few of her posts but I feel like her ideas for organization may save me in the upcoming years! I also took a look at Clouducation which looks like a great blog; however, I noticed that the last post is from January of 2012. Although the blog appears to have some great ideas it appears as though it isn’t updated regularly. As I said, though still some great resources on there specifically about technology.
    I see that you follow Shelly Terrell on Twitter which I do too. I also follow her blog which looks great! If you are interested, here is the link: I added this to my feedly so I can keep up to date with her post.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. These seem like some really great people to follow. I will certainly have to check out the blogs and add them to my feedly so I can keep up-to-date and get great resources from other. I will most definitely have to start following the word of the day on Twitter because I really need to work on my vocabulary and it would be so helpful.
    Thanks for sharing these.

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