Survey Results

Well, here are the results to the survey that was created for ECMP355. We learned how to use Google Docs to create a survey and post it on our blogs for all our peers to see. These are the results:


Once completing your degree, what grade are you hoping to teach?

K – 2 4 33%
3 – 5 5 42%
6 – 8 1 8%
9 – 12 0 0%
A little bit of everything 1 8%
Anything that is available 1 8%

I will complete my degree in…

less than a year 10 83%
1 year 0 0%
2 years 0 0%
3 years 2 17%
4 years 0 0%
the future 0 0%

What is your educational philosophy?

to be a facilitator of learning Young people are worth it! I believe that the subject matter should be relevant, interesting, inclusive, useful, easy to understand, accommodating to fit students grade and learning level, stems from curricular outcomes, helps student gain knowledge that is practical, and teaches students how to be better learners. My educational philosophy or theory is all based around relationships and equality. My educational philosophy is equal opportunity and inclusion for all! I feel as though every student has significant capabilities, regardless of diagnosis. As teachers, it is our job to discover those strengths and build upon them Students won’t always remember what you say, but they will remember the way you made them feel. teaching and learning is a two way street
Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out my survey.


  1. I really enjoyed looking through the results of your survey. This would be a great idea to do with students because they can answer honestly without feeling pressure from their peers. I think that it is so important to post the results of the survey because it makes the survey more meaningful. I tried to get my results but it wasn’t working for me that day, I will have to try again this weekend to get it posted on my blog. Thanks for sharing the results of your survey.

  2. Thank you for checking out the results Emily. I’m really enjoying this class and learning how to incorporate different types of technology into the classroom. I had no idea that Google did some of the things were shown in class. It is all very interesting.

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