Month: January 2014

Keeping up…

Well, after a full week of trying to keep up on everybody’s blog posts and revamping my own, I have determined that keeping up is actually a very daunting task. I am constantly checking my phone for updates when I’m away from the house and trying to google search answers to my most huh? type questions to make my understanding of all the things mentioned in these posts a little more understandable. However, I am enjoying this class.

Here are a few things that I learned in regards to my blogging ability:


After checking this out, I have figured out that it really does make navigating more easy. I currently only have a few categories, but will add more as I build on this blog. I also went back and added categories to the blog posts I already had.


Although I’m not sure if I’m using it right, I have created another page to house all the quotes that I find inspirational or relevant. I’ll continue to add to this page as I find more quotes.

Theme Choice

I have explored the other themes and I still like the appearance of the theme I have chosen. It is mobile friendly and I think it looks slick. I have played around a little and figured out how to change the theme, but have chosen to leave it as is for now. Maybe in the future, I’ll switch it up. Keep your eyes posted.

Adding links

I have also added links to pages and people when I thought it should be noted. This option adds a whole new dimension to my blog.

A grand thank you to Sue Waters for all the useful tips and tricks in regards to blogging.


Survey Results

Well, here are the results to the survey that was created for ECMP355. We learned how to use Google Docs to create a survey and post it on our blogs for all our peers to see. These are the results:


Once completing your degree, what grade are you hoping to teach?

K – 2 4 33%
3 – 5 5 42%
6 – 8 1 8%
9 – 12 0 0%
A little bit of everything 1 8%
Anything that is available 1 8%

I will complete my degree in…

less than a year 10 83%
1 year 0 0%
2 years 0 0%
3 years 2 17%
4 years 0 0%
the future 0 0%

What is your educational philosophy?

to be a facilitator of learning Young people are worth it! I believe that the subject matter should be relevant, interesting, inclusive, useful, easy to understand, accommodating to fit students grade and learning level, stems from curricular outcomes, helps student gain knowledge that is practical, and teaches students how to be better learners. My educational philosophy or theory is all based around relationships and equality. My educational philosophy is equal opportunity and inclusion for all! I feel as though every student has significant capabilities, regardless of diagnosis. As teachers, it is our job to discover those strengths and build upon them Students won’t always remember what you say, but they will remember the way you made them feel. teaching and learning is a two way street
Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out my survey.

Valentine’s Day Craft


Valentine’s day always seems to be a very celebrated day around our house. The children love to make gifts for their friends and family, and this year my daughter has decided to make candy kiss roses for her friends.
These little roses are actually quite easy to make. Please watch the video by clicking on the link below to see how it’s done.

Valentine’s Roses

Kabob skewers
Chocolate kisses
Red or pink cellophane
Green florist tape

Cut a piece of cellophane 4 inches x 4 inches approximately but no smaller. Tape two candy kisses together and wrap in cellophane. We taped the cellophane around the candy kisses so they would hold together but after completing a few it is possible to skip this step. Next, you insert the kabob skewer into the cellophane wrapped kisses. Wrap the green florist tape around the base of the kisses and the skewer, making sure to pull it taught. The florist tape will become sticky as it is stretched. Simply rip the florist tape at the end of the skewer and you’re done.

You could also add some fake leaves to the stem of the rose if you’re feeling confident and want to make it look a little more realistic.

I hope you found this post interesting and inspiring to use in your own classroom or with your own kids. It encourages creativity and determination while considering others. My daughter is 9 years old and loves this craft, so it could be geared towards grade 4 or 5 for the creative kid.